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Colin Farrell takes out restraining order. Naomi Campbell's love life, parsed. Plus: Has Clear Channel blacklisted Madonna?

Published July 25, 2006 1:30PM (EDT)

Morning Briefing:
Farrell's stalker suit: The woman who ran onstage during taping of "The Tonight Show" last week to confront Colin Farrell now says that she did it just to serve him with court papers. Dessarae Bradford, author of "Colin Farrell: A Dark Twisted Puppy," is in the process of suing the Irish star in federal court for $10 million for allegedly stalking her via nasty voice mails and text messages. It's her third suit against him -- the previous two were tossed out and the judge in the current case has ordered her to provide compelling evidence as to why he shouldn't throw this one out as well. Farrell, meanwhile, has obtained a temporary restraining order against Bradford, saying, "I am concerned for the safety of my family." (E! Online, People)

Naomi's many loves? Pegged to Naomi Campbell's brief arrest in London last week for trying to pick up her stuff from her ex-boyfriend Badr Jafar's house -- he's a Dubai millionaire -- the New York Daily News today has a rundown of Naomi's long list of exes, alleging she has dated Eric Clapton, U2's Adam Clayton, Robert De Niro, Adrien Brody, Kevin Costner, Lenny Kravitz, Eddie Murphy, Sean Penn, Quincy Jones, Sylvester Stallone, Tommy Lee, Mike Tyson, Joe Pesci, Robbie Williams, Joseph Fiennes, Sean Combs and David Blaine. It also provides an odd account of key relationships, listing the "best gift" from her time with De Niro to be an apartment in downtown Manhattan's Thread Building, while Jafar apparently threw her a three-day, $1.8 million birthday party. Her relationship with Jafar reportedly ended when she did $54,000 of damage to his yacht after the Arab prince's chef suggested a tomato, ham and mozzarella appetizer. (Rush & Molloy)

Madonna blacklisted? Madonna fans, unable to reconcile the fact that her latest album, "Confessions on a Dance Floor," hasn't done as well at home as it has abroad, are looking for a conspiracy. The obvious culprit? Clear Channel. A new online petition, which has so far gathered almost 5,000 signatures, alleges that because of Madonna's anti-Bush stance, she has been kept off the airwaves by Clear Channel, and thus her singles haven't fared well here. Claiming that her songs "Sorry" and "Hung Up" are Nos. 1 and 2 respectively on something called the "United World Chart," the petition's author writes, "The evidence that there is a boycott from American Radio is too obvious for words ... Madonna rules the planet, EXCEPT for the USA." (The Scoop, Petition Online)

In Monday's Variety, editor in chief Peter Bart went after the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times for the amount of space they've dedicated to the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping case, intimating that big Hollywood names would be brought low by the scandal. "The photos of [Paramount chairman] Brad Grey and [Universal Studios chairman] Ron Meyer were repeatedly run, as though to suggest that their positions were in jeopardy," writes Bart. "Guess what? Nothing has happened to them or anyone else in the power structure." (ContactMusic) ... Because she was, she says, "a supermodel with Christie Brinkley back in the day," Janice Dickinson is of course uniquely qualified to comment on the Peter Cook/Diana Bianchi scandal: "My heart goes out to Christie and her family and her children for that slob, slovenly rat bastard husband of hers. How dare he. How dare he, you pig. That's all I have to say." She then goes on to say quite a bit more in the same vein; you can see the video here. (TMZ) ... Sir Bob Geldof reportedly refused to perform at a gig in Milan, Italy, last week after the show, to be held at a 12,000-seat venue, sold only 45 tickets. (Page Six) ... Gillian Anderson is pregnant with her second child. She has an 11-year-old daughter from an earlier marriage, but this will be her first baby with boyfriend Mark Griffiths. (People) ... Photographer Annie Leibovitz, 57, has had twins via a surrogate, according to the New York Daily News. (N.Y. Daily News) ... Tom Cruise finally owns The U.N.'s World Intellectual Property Organization, which handles URL trademark disputes, has ordered a Canadian businessman -- who in the past has registered and lost, and, among others -- to hand over control of the site to Cruise. (E! Online) ... A date has finally been set to send the ashes of James Doohan -- aka Scotty from "Star Trek" -- into orbit: The rocket carrying his remains and those of 100 others will be sent into space in October. (BBC)

Money Quote:
Lionel Richie on how the constant gossip about his daughter Nicole's dramatic weight loss affects him: "I'll be honest with you, it hurts me more than it hurts her. I'm more sensitive; I take it personal. I must tell you, I'm the basket case." (Star)

Samuel L. Jackson on how starring in "Snakes on a Plane" may finally erase the catchphrase legacy that's haunted him since his "Pulp Fiction" days: "If people can stop yelling do I know what a quarter-pounder with cheese in France is called and start yelling get these motherfucking snakes off the motherfucking plane, I'll be fine, I'll be great." (TMZ)

-- Scott Lamb

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The English countryside mystery series "If I Had You" (BBC America, 9 p.m.) debuts, and Game Show Network presents "The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time" (10 p.m. EDT), including whole episodes of long-gone shows. Also, PBS airs its P.O.V. documentary "The Tailenders" (check local listings), a look at how Christian missionaries use ultra-low-tech Bible recordings to spread their faith around the world.

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-- Lamar Clarkson

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