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Amnesty International, the ACLU, Anais Nin and more.

Lynn Harris
July 27, 2006 12:57AM (UTC)

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Brainteaser: If opponents of Roe v. Wade are such fans of the Child Custody Protection Act, how can they also say abortion should be a matter of states' rights?

ACLU: Major legal smackdown of the Teen Endangerment Act. (For example, "This legislation will not create good family communication where it does not already exist.")


Feministe: An unflattering profile of Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., scary OB-GYN of the year.

San Diego Union-Tribune: Amnesty International contemplates supporting access to abortion in cases of sexual violence; critics call the move an "attack on the rights of the unborn."

HealthDay News: The mental, physical and financial health of homeless women has been on a serious decline since the '90s.

San Francisco Chronicle: Revenge of the girl nerds.

USA Today: Women of all races struggle with body image.

Los Angeles Times: Anais Nin's ex (well, one of them): juiciest obit in recent memory.

Salt: Finally! A CamelBak hydration pack "for women" "holds enough water for 2- to 3-hour hikes, rides, or trips to the mall."


Lynn Harris

Award-winning journalist Lynn Harris is author of the comic novel "Death by Chick Lit" and co-creator of BreakupGirl.net. She also writes for the New York Times, Glamour, and many others.

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