Seeds of rebellion

Lawn chair Gallaghers devise new ways to explode a watermelon

By L.c.

Published August 8, 2006 7:13PM (EDT)

There's a new school of backyard pyrotechnics in these parts. Making watermelons explode is an ideal summer pastime perhaps rougher than Diet Coke and Mentos but still rewarding in its gory, colorful and harmless carnage. What better way to vent one's heat-induced rage than to take it out on an innocent fruit?

With this craze, YouTubers are advancing in a veritable farmer's-marketplace of ideas. By exchanging and testing adventurous methods -- from crude bundles of sparklers to the more delicate (and harder to come by) liquid nitrogen -- they're letting us in on the latest in fruit-stand firecrackers. First up: the nitro.

Dry ice.

The firecracker.

A hip-hop video captures these beauties in all their sensuous form, and then just as lovingly destroys them.

This sparkler bomb is powerful enough to leave a hole in the ground.

And a classic: the human prop.

By L.c.


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