Daily Download: "The Golden Morning Breaks," Colleen

A delicate instrumental track from Parisian songstress Colleen

Published August 15, 2006 7:01AM (EDT)

Parisian bedroom tinkerer Cecile Schott, aka Colleen, sometimes works with samples and sometimes with an arsenal of toy instruments, music boxes and the like, but whatever her chosen tools, she makes delicately engrossing music -- limp-wristed, faintly jasmine perfumed, redolent of long ago and far away times, the melancholy musings of a lonely Victorian maiden trapped in the attic. "The Golden Morning Breaks" is the title track from her second album (also listen to "The Happy Sea"). "Ritournelle" is one of the standouts from her entirely sample-based debut, "Everyone Alive Wants Answers." "Under the Roof," a preview from her upcoming EP, "Colleen et Les Boites a Musique," constructed entirely from music boxes, is less successful, as if her ice sculptures have melted a little bit too much to make out their intended form.

-- T.B.

By Salon Staff

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