Project run away

"Project Runway's" Vincent drops his pants for art.

By L.c.

Published August 17, 2006 3:47PM (EDT)

Before "Project Runway's" Vincent Libretti began cracking himself up by constructing dog outfits, he starred in this short film by Mark Steven Shepherd -- called "Are You In?" -- which opened the 2002 San Francisco Indie Film Festival. In it Libretti delivers a nasal but impassioned monologue about nanotechnology that could almost pass for Woody Allen doing a cable vs. DSL commercial -- until Libretti ends up bare-assed in a laundromat.

As one "Runway" fan on the Television Without Pity forums deftly put it, "Did Vincent create this wacky, loony on-camera persona to get the part ... or did he get the part because he really is a wacky loon? A puzzle wrapped in an enigma (but not pants)."

You can see the video here. (Via Defamer.)

By L.c.


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