"A nice little Guatemalan man"

A Republican senator keeps slipping before the cameras.

By Kl

Published August 23, 2006 4:37PM (EDT)

Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mt., who you watched nod off during a hearing last week, just can't stop falling before his opponents' camera crew. They haven't wasted any time highlighting a the senator's unfortunate remarks about "Hugo," a "nice little Guatemalan man" who works for him as a painter. Poor Hugo, it seems, has become a regular butt of Burns' cracks. In June, he said: "The other day, the little fella who does our maintenance work around the house, he's from Guatemala, and I said, 'Could I see your green card?'" Burns said at a June meeting recorded by Democrats. "And Hugo says, 'No.' I said, 'Oh gosh.'"

Burns's foes are using comments to show that "immigration is a joke" to the senator, with a compilation video here. Below is his ode to "nice little" Hugo.

By Kl


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