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Cosmetic surgery for teens, why Russia wants female traffic cops, getting breast milk through airport security and more!

Published August 28, 2006 8:00PM (EDT)

Washington Post: Work-life blogger Leslie Morgan Steiner on the challenges of getting breast milk and breast pumps through security under the new Transportation Security Administration regulations.

Los Angeles Times: Meghan Daum on the public condemnation of JonBenet Ramsey's mother, Patsy. "In the context of a child's murder, the equation was all too easy to work: A child beauty queen, we reasoned, is an abused child. When an abused child dies, the obvious culprit is the abuser. Ergo, blame the mother."

Slate: Good analysis of a perplexing divorce-themed SUV ad.

New York Times: In the wake of news that future technologies may help scientists create stem cells without destroying embryos, an Op-Ed on the religious and scientific hairsplitting over resolving the ethical debate to everyone's satisfaction. The upshot: "The Advanced Cell Technology approach does not seem likely to open the floodgates for federal financing. Mostly it illustrates the great lengths to which scientists must go these days to shape stem cell research to fit the dictates of religious conservatives who have imposed their own view of morality on the scientific enterprise."

Related: Newsweek reports that "48 percent of respondents favor federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, while 40 percent oppose it."

Reuters: Russia's poised to create its first all-female traffic cop unit, on the theory that women are less likely to take bribes than male cops and will therefore contribute to Russian road safety. Mystifying.

About.com: A piece on Emmy Awards fashion, letting us know that "busty is the new black."

Daily Telegraph: Australia's most populous state plans to regulate cosmetic surgery for teens.

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