Lonelygirl15, brought to you by. . .

The lonelygirl15 phenomenon appears to be a hoax -- big surprise.

By Kl

Published September 8, 2006 6:55PM (EDT)

Despite the remarkably credulous coverage she's received, it was always pretty clear to some observers (and yes, including us) that the YouTube phenom "lonelygirl15" was some sort of marketing hoax. The Los Angeles Times, while not understanding the true nature of it all -- is it for a movie? A TV show? A new way to launch a starlet? -- finds a link from lonelygirl's winsome posts to the Creative Artists Agency. But seriously, how did anyone watch any of her posts (especially the one below, her debut) and not conclude that her studied shyness, cliched goofiness, expert camera work and sound-editing, did not come straight from the superslick halls of Hollywood's hype machine? We've seen more honest emotion on "Laguna Beach."

By Kl


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