Spooky commercials

The perilous hunt for the CIA's recruiting ads.

By Kl

Published September 19, 2006 11:18AM (EDT)

Today's story made us want to see the CIA commercial currently playing in movie theaters, so we went hunting online. We didn't find it -- or the infamous Jennifer Garner recruitment video, which the CIA appears to have taken down from its site (anybody got suggestions on where else it might be?). But we did find a new CIA TV commercial that appears to have recently gone into rotation on the Discovery Channel, among others, in an effort to lure scientists. It's the first one below -- and in all frankness, its clunky animation and tired script, um, bugs us. Couldn't they trade on the recent Anderson Cooper scoop for a little easy buzz?

After that, two ads not used by the CIA . . . yet.

For would-be Tony Almedas:

For the really sexy, would-be fink:

By Kl


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