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Published September 27, 2006 9:37PM (EDT)

Kaiser: More about the House's re-passing of the slightly amended Teen Endangerment Act -- and the cynical machinations behind it -- with juicy quotes like this one from Rep. Jerrold Nadler: "Not since the enactment of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850 have we used the powers of the federal government to enforce the laws of one state on the territory of another."

WeNews: "Chavez's embrace of Iran leader insults women."

HuffPo: In an excerpt from her memoir, reporter Lynn Sherr shows that when it comes to women in news, we've come a longish way.

ABC, via Feministing: "When it comes to orgasm, women work harder." For less pay! KIDDING.

Agape Press: Does feminism make me look fat?

AP/Yahoo: Mona Lisa bump watch!

By Lynn Harris

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