On vacation. . .

A gallery of the best kitty and puppy videos to tide you over.

By Eds.

Published September 29, 2006 2:17PM (EDT)

Video Dog will be on hiatus until Oct. 9, as we take a long-planned break. In the meantime, watch these 10 great pet videos over and over and over again. They'll make you a much better person.

A wacky cat compilation, complete with laugh-track:

This puppy's tired, and he will not perform for your amusement!

Sleeping Kitty:

The feline version of Ri Rove You:

Novel uses for a cat:

You may not notice what makes this dog different at first, but he's pretty special:

Kittens. Tiny. Furry. Cute:

Cat vs. cat:

We hope that toilet's low-flow:

Tiny dog:

By Eds.


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