An elective war, then some elective surgery?

A "prominent Republican" tells Bob Novak that Bush would have done the Republicans a favor if he had disappeared around Labor Day.

Published November 6, 2006 9:35PM (EST)

There will be plenty of time for the old blame game come Tuesday night, and it's too soon to say who's going to be playing. Maybe Democrats will be complaining that John Kerry's Iraq stumble gave Republicans an opening just as they were about to seal the deal. Maybe Republicans will be blaming Mark Foley or Ted Haggard or Jack Abramoff or Donald Rumsfeld or Katrina or Iraq or that golden oldie, the liberal mainstream media.

We say, let's get this party started.

Well, no, we don't, actually. We've got weeks of circular fire-squading ahead of us, and we want to prolong the anticipation just as long as we possibly can. But there are plenty of people who seem ready to let the recriminations begin now, and Bob Novak has talked with one of them. As the president travels red America in search of places where Republican candidates are willing to stand with him, a "prominent Republican" tells Novak that it would have been better if Bush had vanished around Labor Day. The anonymous Republican says he would have given this advice to the White House at the end of the summer: "The president should go on a two-and-a-half week vacation, and when he gets back, go right into the hospital for minor surgery. In other words, he should have disappeared."

By Tim Grieve

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