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Right-wing pundit Mark Steyn enlightens the rest of us on why women become lesbians -- or marry Muslims.

Published November 13, 2006 9:17PM (EST)

Yes, we've already had a "Quote of the Day" today, but we just couldn't let this one go: Right-winger Mark Steyn, talking with blogger John Hawkins about his book, his feeling that "bicultural" societies "are always the most unstable" and his horror at the declining birthrate of whites in Europe, lets fly with this quote, which we had to reproduce in full:

"I get the feeling here without wishing to be any more homophobic than I'm normally accused of, but in my part of [the] country, almost every lesbian you run across tends to be someone who's just been in a couple of really bad marriages and despaired of men, and I notice that in Europe, a sort of similar trend is that women who have been in a couple of bad marriages with western men basically embrace Islam as a way of, you know -- and again, whether it's your sort of boorish English soccer lout or your kind of sweet, you know, new male that, 'I'll do the ironing, darling' type, that it does seem that the women up here in the north country embrace lesbianism just as a kind of general weariness with the available range of males. So I noticed that there's something similar with the women in Islam in France and Belgium."

Later in the interview, Steyn says he has heard that President Bush keeps a copy of his book on his nightstand.

By Alex Koppelman

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