John Darnielle's Song Search fave

The Mountain Goats frontman chooses between this week's contenders.

Salon Staff
November 17, 2006 11:00PM (UTC)

This week's celebrity guest judge is Mountain Goats auteur and Last Plane to Jakarta blogger John Darnielle. He has sized up the Main Drag's "A Jagged Gorgeous Winter" and "Tenochitlan" from the Mammoth and settled on a favorite.

"While I want to point out that 'A Jagged Gorgeous Winter' is a genuinely killer song title, it was the Mammoth's 'Tenochitlan' that really grabbed me: such a murky, swampy little downtempo number. Vocally, there's a little bit of early David Byrne going, which is cool, but the shuffling drums and wandering guitar and Bubbling Noises of Indeterminate Origin (steel drum? treated strings?) reminded me of Souled American, and anything that reminds me of Souled American heads immediately over to the 'win' column. It's brave to make music like this -- stuff that doesn't try to grab the listener by the lapels but sort of sits in the corner playing with its toys in the shadow. The Main Drag have a lot going for them, but they were up against something really different and unusual here!"


Listen to the songs (click link):

"A Jagged Gorgeous Winter," the Main Drag

"Tenochitlan," the Mammoth

And place your vote here:

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Our guest judge loves "Tenochitlan" -- what's your call?

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