Carvel back to the cake future

Pre-order again now for 1982 holiday season.

Published November 27, 2006 10:16PM (EST)

Thanks to YouTube, Tom Carvel is back with us this holiday season - as are the late ice cream king's Santa Claus and Chanukah cakes. Oddly, the Carvel Santa looks like a Fudgie the Whale cake in disguise - and the Chanukah cake, upon scrutiny, seems to be a modified Cookie Puss sans eyes, hat and ice cream cone nose, then turned upside-down and given a respray. This practice is a little like taking an '82 Toyota Corolla, stripping it down and pimping it back up to look like Santa's sleigh. Both the Santa Claus and Chanukah cakes feed eight to 10 people, or by 2006 calculations, three people with medium appetitesand, as Carvel's silky voice over reminds us: Only in the Northeast and Florida, of course.

By David Puner

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