The last contenders

Two songs face off for the final Song Search slot.

Published November 27, 2006 1:00PM (EST)

Week 4 winner

Week 4: With a dramatic come-from-behind victory in heavy voting over the Thanksgiving break, Bishop Allen's "Like Castanets" was the clear winner last week, and will move on to be the fourth song to compete in the Song Search finals.

Week 5: Grey Revell vs. Masonic

The final Song Search pairing offers up two radically different takes on indie rock. Listen as a deceptively slapdash antifolk jam vies for your vote against a slice of summery psychedelic pop. Check back on Friday to see which one caught the attention of Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori!

"Getaway Car," Grey Revell

Originally from Covina, Calif., Grey Revell cut his performing teeth as part of New York's '90s antifolk scene, where he played with acts ranging from Regina Spektor to Moldy Peaches.

For Blissblog's Simon Reynolds, "Getaway Car" was "a hard one to tag; it reminded me a tiny bit of Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips. I liked the feeling of sprawl and multitude that the track gave off -- it creates a picture of a stage crowded with a raggle-taggle panoply of players and associates, or a crowded, slightly chaotic club." Blair from Music for Robots latched on to the tune's "great, loose, lazy-sounding break-beat and synth-strings."

"End of Summer," Masonic

Made up of brothers Brian, Kevin and John Mason as well as friends Mike Norfleet and Eryn Gettys, Masonic has been gigging around the Austin, Texas, indie-rock scene since 2001, performing a self-styled mix of "keyboard rock meets noise pop."

Blair found "End of Summer" to be a solid hit of "nice straight-up indie pop, period."

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