Who among us does not love football?

Barack Obama will make an announcement tonight. And no, it's probably not that one.

By Tim Grieve
Published December 11, 2006 9:05PM (EST)

The office of Sen. Barack Obama has just distributed a press release advising that he'll make an "announcement" during the telecast of "Monday Night Football" tonight about an "upcoming contest of great importance to the American people."

With his star turn in New Hampshire this weekend -- and the obligatory "best thing since Bill Clinton" references having now been replaced with "haven't seen anything like him since Bobby Kennedy" -- is it possible that Obama might be figuring that the time is right to announce that he's a candidate for 2008?

Probably, but don't count on it happening tonight.

Obama's office says he'll say that he's "ready" for something tonight, but we're betting that what he's "ready for" is "some football." How do we know this? No. 1, that's how the song goes on "Monday Night Football." No. 2, Obama told Jay Leno last week that he's already promised to give the Food Network the exclusive on any presidential announcement.

Tim Grieve

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