Nimble Steven Seagals take Orlando

Yahoo "Talent Show" benefits "urban ninjas."

By David Puner
Published December 12, 2006 5:26PM (EST)

Here's a video from one of five finalists currently competing to win Yahoo Video's first ever Internet "Talent Show." This is the second-round entry from the group known as Renzhe Parkour. To clarify things a bit, the Renzhe boys fancy themselves "urban ninjas." Here they are in Orlando, ninja-ing it up. Jumping into the little car is a terrific move but points off for that sloppy parking job afterward. Voting on Round 3 will be open until Wednesday, December 13 at midnight (PST). If the Renzhe boys win, they'll split $50,000, get a development deal with Yahoo and, we hope, put a payment down on a midsize sedan.

David Puner

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