Ninjas beat by singer-songwriter

Yahoo Video's new king: Rex.

By David Puner
Published December 15, 2006 4:02PM (EST)

A couple of days ago we showed you a video of some urban ninjas vying for the top prize in Yahoo Video's first-ever talent show. Well, Thursday night the winner of $50,000 and his own Yahoo show was revealed on a short "American Idol"-meets-"The Bachelor" program, which you can see here (along with awkward hugs and utterly dispirited "celebrity" judge Tom Green). And the winner is: Not the ninjas -- not even close. Taking the prize was Rex Hermogino of San Diego. The following video shows Rex, kicking ass in his Round 3 submission, which took him over the top with 40 percent of the fan vote. From the looks of things, he also made a new friend in New York.

David Puner

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