Classic Stallone: "Cobra" revisted

On the occasion of "Rocky Balboa" opening.

Published December 20, 2006 2:36PM (EST)

With "Rocky 15" opening today and another "Rambo" in the works, we'd like to take this opportunity to bemoan one Stallone vehicle that has not received a much deserved sequel -- "Cobra" (1986). Lieutenant Marion Cobretti has terrific negotiating skills and perpetually dangles a match from his mouth, toothpick-style. He also wears huge sunglasses inside, without a trace of irony, which would be very welcome in today's ironic sunglasses film landscape. Here's Mr. Cobra, in all his glory -- a gift, from Stallone to YouTube to us to you. [The true magic begins at about 02:50.]

By David Puner

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