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Who's weaker: Insecure men or insecure women? Plus, girls' hormones make them customize everything.

Published December 21, 2006 1:58AM (EST)

AlterNet: Women are leaving the workforce not because they aspire to domesticity but because of inflexible corporate policies, argues Courtney E. Martin. Good point, if not exactly a news flash in this neck of the woods. Also, environmental pollutants are wreaking havoc on the reproductive systems of female animals. If that doesn't persuade you to read the story, check out the lead: "In California, female sea lions are spontaneously aborting their fetuses."

MSNBC: Insecure men eat more than insecure women, or so says a new study. This factoid leads Phil Lempert to suggest, "If you ever wondered just who is the weaker sex ... maybe this answers your question!" We haven't, really, but even if we had, we're pretty sure this wouldn't answer the question.

Associated Press: We know we've already reported on Donald Trump's decision to retain Tara Conner as Miss USA, despite reports that the underage beauty queen had been drinking and partying heavily, but we couldn't resist sharing this inevitable headline: "Trump to Miss USA: You're Not Fired!" Overused catchphrases are always good for a chuckle.

Eat the Press: Condé Nast is competing with MySpace by launching a social-networking site for teenage girls in the beginning of next year. The concept is to provide girls with a "multimedia scrapbook." Why? Because girls "create shrines," says Dee Salomon, a vice president at CondeNet. "It must be the hormones -- they customize everything."

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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