Editor's picks 2006: A&E

Our winner of the liberal-guilt-inducing Oscar, we give Dane Cook the superfinger, "Borat," Paris and Perez Hilton, and more.

By Salon Staff
Published December 27, 2006 1:00PM (EST)


Introducing the Guilties!
Which best picture nomination is the best example of Oscar trying to ram its liberal guilt down our throats?
By Andrew O'Hehir

Confessions of a utility actor
I'm not a star. I'm not even a "name." I'm just a workaday actor trying to make a living. And after 20 years of waiting for that big break, I'm ready to move on.
By Peter Birkenhead

The artist as mad scientist
She is an intellectual and emotional storm. Her renowned public artworks are reshaping the ways we think about science. Activist, environmentalist and former rock promoter Natalie Jeremijenko turns the art world upside down.
By Kevin Berger

The 9/11 deniers
The success of the documentary "Loose Change" spotlights the thousands of online sleuths who believe the U.S. government was behind the terror attacks -- to get gold, justify war, or serve Satan.
By Farhad Manjoo

Cool Jews
We've gone from badasses Lou Reed and James Caan to jackasses Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller. Where are the hip male Jews?
By David Marchese

Battle of the blondes
Jessica Simpson's Malibu Barbie, Xtina Aguilera and her assless chaps, and the unrepentantly slutty Paris Hilton face off with new records. Is this some kind of Republican plot?
By Cintra Wilson

N.O. better blues
Watching Spike Lee's four-hour epic on Hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans Arena with my neighbors, I felt awed, exhausted and heartbroken -- and more convinced than ever that somebody should go to jail for what happened here.
By Cynthia Joyce

My dream TV show
We asked some of the most creative minds we could think of to imagine their fantasy program. The result? Boxing bloopers! Funny straight men! Zombies! And much, much more.
By Salon contributors

With a big HBO deal, astronomical album sales and countless fans, Dane Cook may be the hottest comedian in years. So where is the laughter?
By Heather Havrilesky

What's real in "Borat"?
Everything you wanted to know about the Kazakh road trip -- what was staged, who was an actor, and who was just hapless comedy roadkill.
By David Marchese and Willa Paskin

The sexiest man living!
Forget that other list. We pick the men who really set our hearts aflame -- and there's nary a pretty-boy actor among them.
By Salon staff

Perez Hilton's gay witch hunt
The MSM's favorite "gossip gangsta" claims he outs celebrities in the name of civil rights. But to his detractors, he's a self-serving lowlife.
By Japhy Grant

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