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Pimping on Craigslist, bungled rape cases and another Duke update.

Published January 13, 2007 12:00AM (EST)

The Boston Globe: An employee at the Massachusetts State Police crime lab bungled several rape convictions by failing to report DNA matches before the statute of limitations ran out. The unnamed employee has been suspended, which is a good start. Unfortunately, it's too late to actually right what the DNA lab fouled up.

Associated Press: Two women were arrested in Chicago for pimping underage girls on Craigslist.

Feminist Daily Newswire: In an exciting and overdue development, the House of Representatives approved the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007, widening research restrictions on embryonic stem cells. "[I]ndividuals seeking fertility treatment would be able to donate to researchers those embryos that were in excess of their clinical need."

New York Times: Gazillionth Update in the Duke Rape Case: Mike Nifong, the Durham district attorney, has requested that the state attorney general take over the case. Also, it was revealed that in an interview last month the accuser in the case contradicted previous key testimony, changing her description of the attackers and the timeline of events.

Daily Times: Veiled women take in revealing fashions on the Dubai cat walk.

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