A jury of his peers?

How hard is it to find neutral jurors for Scooter Libby's trial? This hard.

By Tim Grieve
Published January 17, 2007 6:06PM (EST)

How hard it is to find truly neutral jurors for the Scooter Libby trial? This hard: Judge Reggie Walton seems content, at least so far, to include in the jury pool a former Washington Post reporter who (1) wrote a book about spying, (2) worked under potential witness Bob Woodward, (3) lives near potential witness Tim Russert, and (4) is friends with an attorney who has played touch football with Scooter Libby.

Although the former journalist said that he has been following the Libby case in the news, he told Walton that he could be a fair juror at trial. "I'm very skeptical about pretty much everything I hear until I see it backed up," he said.

Tim Grieve

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