Musical mashin' with Sue Teller

"Now, before we get our freak on, we need to match-up our beats."

Published January 25, 2007 11:05PM (EST)

Who is this kindly old woman advising viewers to "Do Your Own Adventure," mashing music and sipping a highly caffeinated beverage? Speculation about her is rampant on the "World Wide Internet" -- Is she an advertiser's creation? Someone we're bound to see in a Mountain Dew Super Bowl spot? Could she actually be for real? -- so we did a little digging. And? A spokeswoman at Pepsi-Cola North America, makers of Mountain Dew, told us via email that the company is, in fact, behind the video, adding, "We're glad that Sue has been able to share her talents with a wider audience through social networking sites like YouTube." OK, but is Sue Teller real? According to PepsiCo, "She is an actor. She is not playing herself." (Guess that's why the Hopkins Activity Center in Hopkins, MN, which is mentioned in Teller's MySpace profile, told us they'd never heard of her.) Alas, the truth hurts. But, hey, the video's fun anyway.

By David Puner

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