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"Grey's" star goes to rehab ... for slurs. Cruise's sit-down with Scooter Libby. Plus: Jennifer Garner's horny dog, Martha Stewart.

By Scott Lamb
Published January 25, 2007 2:30PM (EST)

Morning Briefing:
"Grey's" star goes to rehab: In a classic Hollywood move, "Grey's Anatomy" actor Isaiah Washington, in the midst of really bad P.R. after his repeated use of the term "faggot," has checked himself into some kind of treatment facility. In a statement he released yesterday, Washington said: "With the support of my family and friends, I have begun counseling. I regard this as a necessary step toward understanding why I did what I did and making sure it never happens again." Insiders say that ABC demanded that he enter a program "to examine why he would say such hateful words," but there's no word yet on just what type of facility Washington has gone into. (Life & Style)

Scooter and Cruise: Tom Cruise's name popped up in testimony at Scooter Libby's trial yesterday -- a CIA official called as a prosecution witness to testify about the Valerie Plame Wilson leak recalled an intelligence briefing in which Libby recounted his office visit from Cruise and then girlfriend Penélope Cruz several years ago. The couple met with Libby to discuss how Germany treats Scientology, and the CIA source said Libby was "excited" by their presence -- though, oddly, the witness remembered nothing about his discussions with Libby about Plame. (Newsday)

Page Sixer will sue: Jared Paul Stern, emboldened by Tuesday's news that he's not facing any charges from last summer's debacle with Ron Burkle, says he's now planning to sue the California billionaire and the New York Daily News for spreading the false blackmailing story that ended his career. (Stern was fired from the New York Post after the allegations were made.) "It was all speculation; it was defamation; it was gossip," Stern told the Los Angeles Times. "There were no charges to be dropped because there were no charges ... I will be launching legal action to get restitution and hopefully make some repairs to my reputation." Burkle's lawyers, meanwhile, say their client was just a pawn in a government sting against Stern: "Mr. Burkle followed the government's instructions from the onset." (L.A. Times)

Anne Heche and her husband of five years, movie cameraman Coleman Laffoon, are separating. (They met while working on a documentary about Heche's ex-flame Ellen DeGeneres -- and have a 4-year-old son, Homer.) Sources tell Entertainment Tonight that Heche is now involved with her "Men in Trees" costar, James Tupper. (Entertainment Tonight) ... A federal judge has ruled that the Goldman family lawsuit against O.J. Simpson -- aimed at the advance he got for "If I Did It" -- must be sent to the state court level in Florida, where Simpson resides. (E Online) ... It's just come to light that R&B diva Brandy was involved in a car crash that resulted in a death last month -- she reportedly hit the car in front of her while driving on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and set off a chain of collisions that killed another driver. (TMZ) ... Donald Trump has some free career advice for Britney Spears: "She wants some free time but now, Britney, it's time to settle down and get back to work. It's time to get back to being a mother and being a star." (The Scoop) ... 20th Century Fox claims that more than 50 percent of the world's bootlegged movies actually come from Canada. One possible reason: It's not illegal to bring a camcorder into a theater there. (ContactMusic) ... Selling 65,000 copies, "American Idol" contestant Chris Daughtry's debut record, "Daughtry," squeaked past "Dreamgirls" to become this week's No. 1 album -- it outsold the movie soundtrack by 130 units. (Billboard)

Money Quote:
Yesterday's weird exchange between Martha Stewart and Jennifer Garner on "The Martha Stewart Show," about Garner's dog, Martha Stewart:

Garner: This is Martha Stewart Garner-Affleck ... She's your namesake, so she can do anything.
Stewart: Can you tell us about Martha Stewart's -- the dog -- new friend.
Garner: Yep -- we thought he was going to be a brother; his name is Hutch. Instead, there's more of an amorous relationship.
Stewart: Really?
Garner: Yes, it turns out Martha can't get enough. Martha Stewart has a very healthy sex life.

(from "The Martha Stewart Show")

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On Thursday night, Alexandra Pelosi's (yes, daughter of Nancy) documentary "Friends of God: A Road Trip With Alexandra Pelosi" (HBO, 9 p.m. EST) premieres, the "Winter X Games" (ESPN, 9 p.m. EST) kick off and the "U.S. Figure Skating Championships" (ESPN2, 9 p.m. EST) also air.

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