"Too good for gridlock"

"Reckless rabbi" busted in amazing TV investigation.

By David Puner
Published January 29, 2007 6:12PM (EST)

Have you ever been driving and find yourself passing what looks to be an unmarked police car (perhaps a black Crown Vic with tinted windows, some aftermarket lights, and a couple extra antennae)? Do you then experience a heart palpitation (or two) and hit breaks, bracing yourself for an ensuing pullover for speeding. Then, alas, the car isn't an unmarked and the driver is an octogenarian with a passion for Ham radio and large American vehicles? Well, here's NYC "reckless rabbi"/diamond dealer/Al Franken voice-double who has his own set of road rules and has certainly caused his share of palpitations (we're guessing especially when he's going down the wrong way of a one-way street).

David Puner

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