The viral bride

Is this horrific video, which strikes mortal fear in every future bride (and groom), another elaborate prank? Or the greatest wig out video ever?

By Kerry Lauerman
Published January 30, 2007 3:24AM (EST)

This video, titled "Bride Has Massive Hair Wig Out," has been uploaded to dozens of video sites, and in just over one week, has recorded more than 1.3 million downloads on YouTube. And watching it is one hairy experience. But, right on the heels of Donnie Davies (which we called) . . . we smell a rat.

Would any drunken bridesmaid act as cavalierly as the one ("Esther") standing outside the bathroom, smirking for the camera as her friend goes bonkers? Would the bride switch so fast from determinedly cutting off her curls to realizing she'd made it worse and that she looked like a boy? Would anyone act as clueless as the bridesmaid nattering on about how "wicked" the bride's lunatic fringe looks? Look closely: The bride's hair looks awfully unnatural at the beginning. And notice how her arrival is staged just so, right after some light-hearted banter and preparations for a toast. So yes, we think the videographer tips us off a bit in the title, and that this video is as real as the synthetic fibers that end up on the bathroom floor. We certainly pray it's so.

Kerry Lauerman

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