Those Super Bowl ads

A reconsideration of the "homophobic" factor.

By David Puner
Published February 5, 2007 3:07PM (EST)

In today's Sports Daily, King Kaufman breaks down the Super Bowl as well as those oft-discussed commercials. For those of us who were actually on an airplane during the Super Bowl (which, we would not have previously thought possible) we were surprised to find out Peyton Manning's Colts had won so decisively and that some of those ultra-exciting commercials were, as Kaufman puts it, "homophobic."

The following is one of the alternate versions of the Snickers commercial. We like it more than the chest hair-ripping aired version because chugging motor oil and windshield washer fluid makes us . . . snicker? Good thing these guys weren't installing an exhaust system when hunger kicked-in.

And here's that Chevy HHR advertisement, where every fella in sight becomes a modern dance squeegee squad, taking the mean streets of New York City, practically naked, by storm. We're pretty sure Chevy would've gone with the same ad for the '64 Corvette had the creative talent been harnessed at the time.

And then there's this Super Bowl spot that caught our attention despite its apparent lack of gayness.

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