Friendly fire incident

Footage from a mistaken U.S. attack on British convoy

By David Puner
Published February 6, 2007 3:47PM (EST)

The Sun (UK) today released cockpit footage of a friendly fire incident -- U.S. pilots firing on a British convoy. The incident occurred on March 28, 2003, The Sun reports, "-- day seven of the invasion to topple Saddam. The two single-seat, slow-flying jets were nearing the end of a two-hour mission to destroy artillery and rocket launchers from Saddam's 6 Armor Division, dug in 25 miles north of Basra." The first 5-plus minutes of this footage lead up to the initial firing; around 7:30 the pilots learn they've made a big mistake; the second half of the footage is the beginning of an agonizing flight back to base with the pilots (no charges were filed and their identities have not been released). [Warning: the audio accompanying this video is very upsetting.] To read more about the incident, go here. To read the transcript, as supplied by The Sun, go here.

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