Strange Journey

Mr. Belding and Tony Romo don't stop believing -- together.

Published February 15, 2007 10:39PM (EST)

On Monday, a California-based 80's metal cover band called Metal Skool played a show (their Web site, in fact, claims they "rock your balls off every Monday night at the Key Club" and "rattle your ovaries every Wednesday night at the Typhoon Saloon"). Dallas QB Tony Romo was in the audience; which was maybe a little weird. Also, the guy who played the principal on "Saved By the Bell," Mr. Belding, happened to be in the audience; weird, without a doubt. Metal Skool invited both famed audience members onstage to perform Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" (although Belding was first actually lured into singing the "Saved By the Bell" theme song). The entire thing, caught on video (of course), is/was extremely weird.

Of note: also from Metal Skool's Web site: "We're available for bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and international tours (headlining or supporting)."

By David Puner

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