Craig Ferguson puts it out there

Talk show host asks: "At what price am I doing this stuff?"

Published February 22, 2007 3:45PM (EST)

Here's an unusual late night monologue. In this two part clip, "The Late Late Show's" Craig Ferguson talks earlier this week about some things that have been bothering him about making fun of people on his program. It turns out that this talk show host wants to be able to sleep at night. Then he talks a bit about how he doesn't want to tell any Britney Spears' jokes because he just marked 15 years sober and then, well, if you don't have a lot of time, cue it up to around 4:50 to hear about some dark times.

Here's part 1:

Then there's part 2, where Ferguson talks about addiction and people needing to be accountable for dealing with any condition they might have. Nice job by Ferguson, weaving in and out of serious and light and using his show for a purpose without hijacking it.

P.S. Anyone know what Craig Kilborn is up to?

By David Puner

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