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Take a peek at the new look and find out what other changes are in store at Audiofile.

Published March 1, 2007 6:00PM (EST)

As you can see from the page you're looking at right now, we've found a winner in the Audiofile Logo Design contest. The awesome new look comes courtesy of Aris Blevins. We love it (and the way he updated our trusty gramophone), and while we know that people hate change, that they grow loyal to what they know and distrust the new and the shiny, we have faith that Audiofile's legions of loyal readers will come to love it, too.

The redesign heralds some other changes here at Audiofile. You are now able to get our daily free download delivered to you automatically with the new Song of the Day podcast -- look to the top of the right-hand column for subscription information. We're also going to start updating more frequently during the day as we explore the most interesting stories in the world of music and aggressively spotlight the Web's best free audio. Audiofile will be the place to look for news and opinions on critical takedowns, legal shenanigans, band breakups and reunions, music biz blunders, and anything else smart, engaged music fans care about. You can expect interviews with music's most interesting figures, concert reviews, and additional MP3 downloads. We're also going to be spotlighting the trove of archival downloads we've collected over Salon's 11 years, especially our collection of historic and literary MP3s. Sylvia Plath, Dr. Martin Luther King, Robert Frost and other figures past and present are patiently waiting to read to you from their greatest works. Take a look at the bottom right-hand column -- we know you'll find something new to enjoy.

Audiofile is a community of listeners, but we'd like you to become speakers as well. To encourage your participation, we'll be highlighting reader comments and solicit your thoughts about the issues and music being presented here. Your notes and suggestions have heavily influenced the direction of this column through the years, especially your e-mails. We'd like to engage you even more in the days and months ahead, and hope that -- through our letters sections and through e-mails to -- we'll hear even more from you.

-- David Marchese

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