Libby attorney vows appeal

Ted Wells says his client is "totally innocent" and will be vindicated.

Published March 6, 2007 5:29PM (EST)

Scooter Libby and his defense team just appeared before reporters on the steps of the federal courthouse. Libby smiled but did not speak. His trial counsel, Ted Wells, said that Libby's legal team will file a motion for a new trial and, if that is denied, an appeal of today's conviction.

"We believe, as we said at the time of his indictment, that he is totally innocent, totally innocent, and that he did not do anything wrong," Wells said. "We intend to keep fighting to establish his innocence."

With Libby's sentencing not scheduled until June, even an unsuccessful trip to the court of appeals and the Supreme Court could pretty easily push Libby's date with prison to the final months of the Bush presidency. Could a pardon come then? The White House isn't saying anything about the case yet.

Wells also refused to answer any questions today. As he and Libby walked back inside, a reporter shouted out: "Are you willing to go to prison to protect Vice President Cheney?"

By Tim Grieve

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