Ann Coulter: The board game

The Center for the Advancement of Women counters Coulter with a new interactive campaign.

Published March 7, 2007 4:30PM (EST)

If you are no longer able to stomach any mention of Ann Coulter, I'm telling you now, look away. The Center for the Advancement of Women has launched a campaign called "Ann Coulter Does Not Speak for Me." Its centerpiece: a nicely designed online game wheel that, when spun, points to topics such as "Working Women" and "9/11 Widows." Then up pops some stupid crazy-ass thing Coulter has said on the subject, followed by a blurb correcting her "facts." (Additional talking points are available too.) You can also sign a "petition" or grab code for an anti-Ann banner for your own Web site or blog.

My first reaction: At us, maybe, and very likely down to. But I'm pretty sure Coulter isn't trying to speak for anyone except her "base." She (thank goodness) is positioned as a pundit for conservatives, not a leader for ladies. And do we really need data ("Since 1976, women's enrollment has doubled in graduate programs...") to refute Coulter when she says women are "not too bright"? Me, around Coulter, I try to make more like the "Far Side" dog. (What I hear: "Blah blah blah Democrats blah blah blah feminists.") Isn't all this "We're shocked, shocked!" attention -- which, one could argue, is distracting the Center for the Advancement of Women from working on, you know, advancement -- just what the Coulternator feeds on, aside from kittens?

Then again -- kerfuffle over John Edwards notwithstanding -- that damn Ann still gets way too much of a pass. Someone's got to check her facts. And if you're so inspired, the comments area on CAW's petition page is a good place to vent.

But while you're at it, consider this curveball from the Daily Howler: "We scream about Coulter -- and give Dowd a pass" (emphasis added). And "Coulter comes right out and calls Dem men 'f*ggots' -- but Maureen Dowd has always come close. Just as Chris Matthews is a slightly cleaned-up William Donohue, Dowd is a more presentable Coulter. For mainstream voters, Maureen is easier to take. For that reason, she has done us more harm." Ooh, snap! Read Howler's full analysis here.

By Lynn Harris

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