The Gotcha Police never rest

The scoop from the Boston Globe: Obama had overdue parking tickets from his time at Harvard.

Published March 8, 2007 5:32PM (EST)

In a headline worthy of the Onion, the Boston Globe solemnly reports today:

Obama paid late parking tickets

Racked up penalties while at Harvard

The Globe says that $375 in fines and fees from long-overdue tickets was paid two weeks before Obama announced his presidential run. Needless to say, investigative reporters the world over are now flocking to Cambridge, Mass., to investigate chilling rumors of outstanding Obama fines at the Widener Library.

By Walter Shapiro

Walter Shapiro, a Fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, is an award-winning political columnist who has covered the last nine presidential campaigns. Along the way, he has worked as Salon's Washington bureau chief, as well as for The Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, Esquire, USA Today and, most recently, Yahoo News. He is also a lecturer in political science at Yale University. He can be reached by email at and followed on Twitter @MrWalterShapiro.

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