V is for void

The right-wing's online "victory" movement cries out for a mercy killing.

Published March 12, 2007 5:34PM (EDT)

Victory Caucus Death Watch update:

Mercy killings are a controversial topic, but at this point, it seems outright cruel not to put this sickly patient out of its misery:

The Victory Caucus was, however, out in full force at the CPAC, selling Victory Pens and Victory Buttons at their very own Victory Booth, so that's good:

Remember -- V is for Sweet, Glorious Victory:

As the Victory Caucus home page reminds us:

And finally, the Victory Caucus may be dying, but the Mighty Surge sure is not. Victory Caucus "Board of Governors" Governor Hugh Hewitt inspires the Victory throngs:

We're still Winning. Victory is Ours.

By Glenn Greenwald

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