Clinton courts the firefighters

The candidate as coquette

Published March 14, 2007 5:56PM (EDT)

The International Association of Fire Fighters is most definitely a boys club, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that of the 12 presidential hopefuls who addressed the union's annual meeting today in hope of scoring an endorsement, it was the one woman in the bunch who got the sea of crew cuts and cargo pants all riled up.

Hillary Clinton, who spoke fifth, stepped onto the stage in the ballroom of Washington's Capitol Hill Hyatt to thunderous applause then took the opportunity to play a role she isn't exactly known for: coquette.

"Thanks for last night," said Clinton, coyly referring to a reception the evening before. The remark elicited hoots and hollers and whistles and, later on, even a hearty "You go, girl!" "It's an honor and a pleasure to be here this morning," the senator said with a smile. "But it was a lot of fun to be here last night."

Bill would have been proud.

By Julia Dahl

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