Song of the Day: "Grace Kelly," Mika

A new British superstar pays his respects to Queen.

Published March 15, 2007 7:01AM (EDT)

London's Mika is going gangbusters over in England, as his debut album, "Life in Cartoon Motion," hit No. 1 on the album charts -- a feat matched on the singles charts by "Grace Kelly." Queen is the obvious reference point here, as the song sounds like the kind of thing Freddie Mercury would turn out in his jauntier moments -- think "Killer Queen" more than "Bohemian Rhapsody." The 23-year-old Lebanese-born singer has even gone so far as to use Mercury's piano on his own recording sessions. For whatever reason, music this glam rarely seems to translate into success in America, but that fact takes nothing away from this track's silly, charming sense of fun.

-- David Marchese

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By Salon Staff

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