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Script for viewing all comments on one page.

Published March 16, 2007 1:18PM (EDT)

(updated below)

This blog's move to Salon has been virtually free of technical or other similar problems, something that almost never happens with changes of this sort. But the one ongoing, regular complaint I still hear from regular readers of the old blog concerns the annoyance of having comments appear on multiple pages, thus requiring one to scroll through page after page in order to read the discussion, rather than having all comments open on one page, the way they do with Haloscan and most other blog comment programs.

In response to this problem, several readers have written Greasemonkey script that, once installed, will put all comments on a single page when the comment section is opened. I have not installed it yet, but I have heard from enough people who have that it works and is problem-free to feel comfortable recommending it.

You can find the script here. You just need to click the "Install this Script" button in the right-hand column and, as I understand it, all comments will then begin appearing on one page. I really appreciate the readers who took the time to design this solution.

UPDATE: In order to use the script, you have to first download the Greasemonkey program, which can be done -- extremely easily -- here (just click on "Install Now"). Once you re-start your computer, you can just download the script (linked above) and all of the comments will then open onto one page only.

The whole process is extremely simple -- it took about 30 seconds total -- and it really does place all comments on one page. The script also adds options to each of the "Recent Posts" listed on the side, where you can have the comments open in various formats. Having now installed it myself, I really highly recommend it.

UPDATE II: As MakeItStop notes in Comments, there is one benefit of the Salon page-by-page system over having all comments appear on one page: namely, that the Salon system shows you where you left off reading, so it's easy to find the last comment you read, whereas when they appear all on ona page, it is difficult (as is true for Haloscan) to find the place where you left off.

Also, I believe (without being certain) that the script only works (a) on Windowns, not Macs, and (2) one has to be using the Firefox browswer, not Explorer.

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