Developments in the Duke case and more

Sen. Barack Obama calls for a federal investigation into the handling of the case.

Published March 26, 2007 9:58PM (EDT)

ABC News: In the last few days, there's been a deluge of developments in the Duke case. Sen. Barack Obama has joined the choir of politicians calling for a federal investigation into District Attorney Mike Nifong's conduct in the case. In a letter to a constituent, Obama said "independent inquiry is needed" into the handling of the case. In June, the North Carolina Bar will review misconduct charges against Nifong. (He unsuccessfully requested to have some of the charges dropped.) Meanwhile, there have been some reports that the Duke case itself would be dropped any day now. But, the Attorney General's office has denied those reports and a spokesperson estimated the investigation would be finished "in a few weeks." Also, on Sunday came news that the lead defense attorney in the Duke case had died of a heart attack.

Washington Post: Patients diagnosed with "triple-negative" breast cancer -- a form that lacks three typical breast cancer indicators -- are disproportionately "poor, black or Hispanic, and under 40 years of age," according to a new study. "The paradox is that while African-American and Hispanic women have a lower overall risk for breast cancer, they have a higher mortality, which is probably due to the higher incidence of triple-negative [disease]," Dr. Vincent Caggiano, a co-author of the study, told the Post.

Also from the Post: This op-ed desperately shouts "Girl Power," but failed to get me hyped up. Perhaps it's seeing the importance of "faith" and a woman's "modesty," "dignity" and "quiet confidence" heralded in the same piece that rubbed me the wrong way.

The Independent: Well, shoot. It turns out feminism is bad for some men's health as a result of the loss of "traditional male privileges." The same dubious study proclaims that feminism is also bad for women's health possibly due to "greater opportunities for risky behaviour as a result of increased income, along with stress from longer working hours," according to The Independent.

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