A message from Tony Snow

It's not exactly "win one for the Gipper."

Published March 27, 2007 5:41PM (EDT)

It's not exactly "win one for the Gipper," but White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Tony Snow had a hospital-bed message for her this morning: "You have to make sure that you deliver the message on the Iraq war supplemental."

Perino did her best to comply, but the transcript of today's White House press briefing shows that she's no Snow.

Senate Republicans have said that they're going to get out of the way while Democrats do whatever they're going to do on an Iraq withdrawal plan, confident that the president will veto it if and when it actually gets to him.

Perino was asked today how the president feels about the possibility of having to veto a withdrawal plan supported by a majority of Americans. Her response: "I think that the president has been very clear that they don't want to pull out if it means losing."

"Losing what?" a reporter asked.

"The president's made it clear that the goal is to make sure that we can stabilize Baghdad, especially, so that the politicians in Baghdad can do the work that they need to do in order to reconcile politically and get the economic engine going so that the security situation can not only stabilize in Baghdad, but then spread throughout the country."

"At any price?" a reporter asked.

"We understand fully the sacrifice that our men and women and innocent Iraqis are paying," Perino said. "We do."

By Tim Grieve

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