A depressing victory for Bill Donohue

And a defeat for the rest of us -- no chocolate Jesus at New York hotel.

Published March 30, 2007 9:38PM (EDT)

My sweet lord.

The Roger Smith Hotel gallery canceled its display of Cosimo Cavallaro's 6-foot-tall chocolate Jesus, after complaints by Catholic bully Bill Donohue and Archbishop Edward Egan. Gallery director Matt Semler quit over the flap.

To the hotel owners who say they got death threats and canceled the show because they couldn't keep guests safe, I have to say: Toughen up. If you really received death threats from Donohue's minions, I hope you'll work with police to find the thugs who made them. But I don't understand people who do provocative things, and then cave when they manage to provoke. It reminds me, a little, of the flap over John Edwards' feminist bloggers.

What both things have in common is that blowhard Bill Donohue ranted and raved, and it worked. It's a bad day for the Jesus I personally believe in, the slightly swarthy, all-loving, hardworking guy who realizes he's going to have to spend yet another weekend not reading or playing golf or watching baseball, but trying to get Donohue to start acting like a good Christian, finally, and not a bully.

By Joan Walsh

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