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Published April 11, 2007 2:26PM (EDT)

Six months ago, when my blog was still at Blogspot, I wrote a post indicating that I would periodically have a fundraiser to help support the blog. The response was incredibly generous and was invaluable in enabling me to continue to work full-time on blogging. With the move to Salon, I am going to continue to post a fundraising post once every six months, and want to explain why.

Unlike the pre-Salon fundraiser, which was necessary for just basic support to enable me to blog full-time, there are several steps I would like to take that require modest funding and which will really enhance the work I can do here. Initially, I intend to hire someone part-time (10 hours per week or so) to assist with the most time-consuming research and other logistical aspects of working on some of these issues.

Time constraints are the principal impediment to my working on more issues and stories (as but one example, I was able to arrange -- but due to time constraints was simply never follow through on -- interviews with the key figures in the House of Death story I wrote about back in November and which I still believe merits significant attention). There are all sorts of matters which I think would be fruitful to pursue but cannot due to time constraints, and having someone assist with research and similar matters will be invaluable. I also want to do much more original reporting, interviews, transcriptions and the like, all of which require some assistance and some modest funding.

I realize that, as compared to most other bloggers, I am fortunate to have found a situation where I can be compensated for the work I do. I'm also cognizant -- and extremely appreciative -- of the multiple ways readers here have supported this blog, from prior fund-raisers to my book to supporting Salon by purchasing a subscription when I moved here. And that support is already more than anyone has a right to expect. But compared to the amount of work and energy required to maintain a blog like this, even the best situation for a blogger (such as the situation I have) still renders it a struggle to find compensation that is commensurate with the level of work involved.

For that reason, I'm going to continue, twice a year, to post a fundraising post like this one. There is obviously no remote obligation for anyone and it's really just a request and reminder directed to those inclined to help support the blog and the work done here. The Paypal button at the top left of the old blog can still be used, which is easiest, or anyone who prefers not to use Paypal can email me and I will send an address. I really do appreciate every reader and every commenter here, as well as everyone who has supported the blog in the past.

By Glenn Greenwald

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