Exclusive Song of the Day: "Etienne d'aout," Malajube

Awesome indie rock from Montreal.

Published April 13, 2007 7:01AM (EDT)

A little thing like language should never get in the way of a great song -- which is something that Montreal's Malajube have plenty of. Fortunately for us Anglophones, the band has been able to turn a strong live show and a stellar debut album ("Trompe-L'Oeil") into success outside of their native Quebec, earning praise from the indie tastemakers at Pitchfork and a high-profile slot at last year's CMJ music festival in New York along the way. While they can kick up an impressive rock 'n' roll racket, "Etienne d'aout" is a good example of Malajube's strength with quieter, moodier sounds, as a hushed and lovely melody floats over a haze of guitars before unfolding into a crescendo of piano, strings and vocal harmonies.

-- David Marchese

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By Salon Staff

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