Hillary's Video Resume

Bill Clinton narrates his wife's new online infomercial.

Published May 14, 2007 6:53PM (EDT)

There sure are perks to being the wife of Bill Clinton. Among other things, the former president will go on YouTube and read a trumped-up version of your resume, while pipes and drums play in the background. In this five-minute online infomercial, Bill holds nothing back. He's so soft spoken and earnest that it's a wonder he never bites his lower lip. "In my first term, Hillary in effect was the face of America," he says at one point. He also credits her with granting five million kids health insurance and improving care for "women with breast cancer and men with prostate cancer." In the next installment, Bill will explain how Hillary can juggle six knives and bend spoons with her mind.

By Michael Scherer

Michael Scherer is Salon's Washington correspondent. Read his other articles here.

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