All roads lead to Rove -- again

Did his obsession with voter fraud cases put U.S. attorneys' names on the firing list?

Published May 14, 2007 1:02PM (EDT)

So who put the names on the list?

Alberto Gonzales may claim that he doesn't know, but the Washington Post is getting ever closer to an answer: As the paper reports this morning, five of the 12 U.S. attorneys who were fired or targeted for firing last year were the subjects of complaints by GOP officials who charged that the prosecutors were insufficiently aggressive in prosecuting voter-fraud cases against Democrats.

Anyone in particular?

Why, yes. The Post says that testimony and documents show that Karl Rove, "in particular," was "preoccupied with pressing Gonzales and his aides about alleged voting problems in a handful of battleground states" in the run-up to last year's midterm elections.

By Tim Grieve

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