Music Video: "Ankle Injuries," Fujiya & Miyagi

Audiofile's first music video pick is a very Gondry-esque effort from the English, yes English, dudes in Fujiya & Miyagi.

Published May 23, 2007 5:30PM (EDT)

Even though the flood of low-quality work finding its way onto YouTube and the growing use of nausea-inducing fan-shot footage may have dulled the cultural impact of music videos, there's still a ton of excellent work being done in the field. But because so many of the best videos are being made outside the margins of the mainstream -- and certainly aren't getting shown on MTV -- it can be a little difficult to track down the good stuff. That's where Audiofile comes in! Starting today, Audiofile will be featuring music videos that we think are particularly interesting or timely or just plain kick ass. As always, make sure to give us your feedback and definitely let us know if you come across any videos that deserve an Audiofile airing.

Helping to shepherd this new feature along will be Salon editorial fellow Thomas Rogers. His inaugural Audiofile music video pick and accompanying description are below. Enjoy!

-- David Marchese

Five years after Michel Gondry turned the White Stripes into Legos, Wade Shotter uses dice to animate this new video by Brighton, England, trio Fujiya & Miyagi. The video for "Ankle Injuries"-- from the band's latest album "Transparent Things" -- features band members, gymnastics and exploding fireworks, trippily rendered in squares and dots.

-- Thomas Rogers

By Salon Staff

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