Keith Olbermann calls it "betrayal"

The MSNBC host doesn't like the Democrats' compromise on Iraq one bit. Will the party complain about his role on MSNBC like Republicans did?

Published May 24, 2007 12:54AM (EDT)

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann isn't a bit torn about what the Democrats are doing on the Iraq war funding vote. On "Countdown" tonight he called it a "betrayal" of the 70 percent of Americans who oppose the war. Even worse, Olbermann said, the compromise means "the Democratic leadership has agreed to finance the death of Americans." He closed by denouncing Washington's "shameful, bipartisan betrayal," and asked "Who among us will stop this war, this war of lies?"

Ouch. To me, it was a little over the top. But I'm glad Olbermann is out there, a one-man answer to the sorry media consensus that the Democrats can't think about restricting war funding without being accused of "defunding the troops." Will Democrats now complain about his being part of the MSNBC political team covering the 2008 presidential race, the way Rudy Giuliani did? Somehow, I doubt it.

By Joan Walsh

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