Dodd attacks Blitzer on time

CNN's Wolf may be no match for Sen. Chris Dodd's stopwatch-armed staffers.

By Michael Scherer
June 4, 2007 4:45AM (UTC)
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The campaign of Sen. Chris Dodd is already wailing about the injustice of Wolf Blitzer's moderation. An army of Dodd staffers has apparently been watching the debate with stopwatches. Through the first half of the debate, here is the breakdown of time, according to Dodd's stopwatch crew.

CLINTON 9:25, 9 questions


OBAMA 8:19, 9 questions

RICHARDSON 7:23, 6 questions

EDWARDS 7:06, 8 questions

BIDEN 4:45, 5 questions

DODD 4:00, 4 questions

GRAVEL 2:59, 5 questions

KUCINICH 2:28, 3 questions

Wolf Blitzer 8:38

The Dodd camp stops just short of accusing Blitzer of nefarious intent. "Despite very real differences in the presidential candidates' positions on the critical issues facing our nation, the format of tonight's CNN debate allowed for disproportionate amounts of time for candidates to discuss their positions," the campaign says in a press release.

Michael Scherer

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